About Project Shop

What is Project Shop about

Project Shop was launched to reach out to Clients who are trying to find creatives in Singapore.

We are a collective group of local designers, artists and creatives in Singapore. We want to make ourselves known that we are available to be engaged for projects and we are also interested in sharing about what we do.

Project Shop is a platform by FUSSY, who also pushes for local creativity in Singapore by featuring the works and journey of local creatives.

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What we stand for


    We believe we have managed to reach where we are by being FUSSY, by demanding for more than what is available. By doing something about supporting the local creative community, instead of waiting for someone to do it.

  • Intention

    Our intention is clear, and that is to gather creatives from various industries, to share and learn from one another.

  • Community

    We believe in building the community through connecting with everyone, personally. We are only as strong as the creatives in Singapore, and we shall grow together, as one community.

  • Creativity

    We believe that creativity is the driving force behind what we do, what we’re good at, and what the world needs more of.

  • Inclusivity

    Whether you’re starting out in the design industry, or already crafting a name for yourself, we offer a platform where you’ll be able to learn and grow at any stage in your career.

  • Monetary Gains

    We do not believe in monetary gains. We have no intention of being millionaires or race to the riches. Therefore, Project Shop by FUSSY will always, be a free platform.

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